Patricia Jessen

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Be empowered

I have always been attracted to the world of advertising. I studied journalism, marketing, and advertising design and have worked at advertising agencies and digital branding and marketing firms in San Francisco and Madrid.

My work as a strategic marketing and communication consultant is my passion and I have nurtured it by complementing my experience with continuous training in Human Understanding, Development and Processing methods: Mental Control, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Transactional Analysis, EFT- (Emotional Freedom Technique), etc., all of which equips me with the empathy and vision needed to identify each person‘s natural talent so it can be used to the fullest.

I use MY TALENT, imbued with my passion for communication using psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics, to empathize with people and to help them define, strengthen, and communicate their talent,  their wonderful infinite potential which lies within each of us and every team. Now my goal is to help people transform their passion into profitable businesses and fulfilling careers, feeling, like me, as if they are doing just what they were born to do.